About SDGs' our Biz

Transformational Business: Philippine Private Sector Contributions to the SDGs

With the private sector’s ability to create sustainable, innovative, and scalable market solutions to address the world’s problems, the private sector plays a critical role in ensuring the achievement of SDGs by 2030. As awareness on SDGs among businesses is increasing, practical guidance and direction in integrating SDGs into business activities is critical.

SDGs is Our Biz, a joint initiative of UNDP in the Philippines and the Philippine Business for Sustainable Development (formerly Philippine Business for the Environment) aims to guide Philippine businesses to incorporate the SDGs in their core business by creating a platform for evidence-based decision-making, sharing of best practices, and creating knowledge among companies, government, and other stakeholders, the role of the private sector in achieving these Goals by 2030 will be better strengthened and recognized.

SDGs is our Biz was directed and guided by the Business Advisory Council which was formed to share expertise and collaborative efforts on the SDG ecosystem gaps and challenges, policy and regulatory issues and investment opportunities. It is composed of UNDP in the Philippines, Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Inc., Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, Makati Business Club, Philippine Business for Sustainable Development, Philippine Business for Social Progress and Global Compact Network in the Philippines.

The Transformational Business reports contains the following:

  1. Sections consolidating companies’ contributions to various themes of the SDG ecosystem using the guidance document of the SDGsBizPh project.
  2. Highlights of case studies with best practices that can be replicated for more contributions to the goals.
  3. Gaps and opportunities in thematic areas for businesses to consider when contributing to the SDGs.
Transformational Business - Philippine Business Contributions to the UN SDGs

Transformational Business (TB) 1.0 was launched in 2017. It showcased the preliminary results of a survey on how businesses are aligning their activities, initiatives, and core business processes with the SDGs.   The ambition of the publication is to further promote the initiative to businesses, governments and other relevant stakeholders, and forge partnerships and collaborative arrangements for the SDGs, as well as generate and share knowledge about development solutions. The first report showcased 75 companies with 139 initiatives and PHP 40.7 billion disclosed investments for both programs and financing.

Transformational Business v 2.0 still in draft and targeted to be published in 2021. It will showcase the private sector initiatives from 2016 to 2019 and the other initiatives which were not covered in the first report. It also includes some initiatives of private sector as a response to the pandemic. The second report is a scale-up from the previous report. It delved away from one-time donations but focused on initiatives which indeed create a shared value for both the company and the community in delivering the SDGs. This report features more companies from large enterprises to medium, small, micro and start-ups. It comprises 461 initiatives from 187 companies with disclosed investments in both programs and financing amounting to PHP 425.25 billion.