Speech and Message of Richard B. Tantoco


The single most important attribute of theUN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) iis universality. Climate scientists have bared that all the SDGs are interconnected and it will take nothing less than the concerted action of all countries to avert the further degradation of our social, economic and environmental situation if we are to have a safe, just and sustainable future.

We recognize the essential role of the private sector in achieving the UN SDGs and the significance of collaborating with the government and civil society to attain these at scale. As a Filipino business community, we are proud to report the highlights of our contribution to the achievement of the SDGs. We commend the companies that have participated in this maiden inventory and we urgently encourage other companies to do so.


While this publication does not capture the entirety of the contribution of the private sector, it gives a glimpse of how business integrates the sustainable development goals into their operations and their potential to assist government in order to achieve the country’s SDG targets.    


This is our first attempt to account for the SDG contribution of business, and our goals are threefold:  first, to learn and understand how to best capture the numerous initiatives of the business sector. Second, to establish the discipline of measuring what we do, because only that which is measured can be improved. Third, to use these representatives of the business sector to serve as a beacon for others to follow.  Together with our partners, we will formulate the guidelines to measure the business contributions and provide a platform to report these in the next cycle.


We encourage you to share your thoughts and as you go through the case studies. We hope you will be inspired to make your own mark in achieving the SDGs. 

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139 initiatives

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17 SDGs

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